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A message from animal

…Right let’s put the record straight!!!

…I have been in the PUNK scene now for nearly 40 years, I ride motorcycles, I also write and play PUNK music, Punk’s have always accepted me for what I am with my ‘music and attitude’ and the fact that I love performing and writing PUNK songs…now 90% of my material that I write comes from newspaper clippings’, television and the whole social media.

My songs are of bad taste and offensive to a lot of people but that is the point of them and I think of PUNK…no barriers, I am sorry to have to tell you all but…I have never sucked an old mans cock, I have never fucked a sheep or a goat or any other form of bestiality, I have never been a child molester, (or borrowed a lawnmower) I don’t hate women, (in fact I love them) I am not racist and I am not homophobic…THEY ARE SONGS!!…all from the material that surrounds us all, I did not commit these deeds but others did, now I am not going to go into all the boring insight of the exact material of when and where it came from (that will be in my book) but I will tell you ‘The Day the World Turned Gay’ was written nearly 20 years ago inspired by the antics of Mr George Michael soliciting people in an LA toilet…now I found it funny at the time, him being the biggest rock star in the world and also being a fine example to us all and our children.

Now some people didn’t find it funny, which I understand. They don’t have my twisted sense of humour but…if you don’t like the songs I write then that’s easy?…DON’T LISTEN TO THEM’…I don’t go along to Coldplay’s show’s or any of the other corporate record company controlled bands, (I still believe in ‘free speech’ and the PUNK attitude…and I certainly don’t buy their records then sit back and criticize them!!!!

So to all you ‘people’ out there that think I am homophobic (which if you knew me personally you would know it is utter bollox) I suggest you find a music scene that does not have nasty bands in it that swear or say nasty and naughty things about people…don’t put your problems on me. As a very good ‘local’ song writer said to me…
But I’m only Animal after all…
I’m only Animal after all…
don’t put your blame on me…
don’t put your blame on me…

…good night children…ANIMAL.


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